The Number 1 Way To Style Stripes

How To Style Stripes |

There's no doubt about it. I believe we all love stripes. You can wear them in so many different ways. Not to mention a great striped piece can be worn at any time during the year. When I'm shopping for stripes, H&M is one of my favorite shops because they have something for every budget. 


I purchased my first pair of pencil pants from H&M a few years ago and I have nearly worn them till the thread has began to show. They are so versatile​, as I find many of their pieces, and the only thing I regret is not snagging them in a second color!

When I saw this top, I knew it would be a shoe-in, because I would be able to wear it whether it was hot or cold. Florida's weather is so finicky (is that even a word? :)), you could practically wear shorts all year round. Did I mention that it was crazy soft!? ​

When styling stripes, add a little bit of color to take your ensemble to a whole new level. I love pairing my pieces with colors that you wouldn't normally see paired together. Who would have thought yellow and green would pair so well?

How To Style Stripes |
How To Style Stripes |
How To Style Stripes |
How To Style Stripes |

Top, also love this one (53% off) | Similar Denim Overalls here, love this one too (61% off) | Similar handbag here and here | Sunglasses | Sandals - come in 18 colors! | Statement Necklace 

What's your favorite striped piece in your closet? Let me know...I know you have more than one​! 


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How To Style Stripes |

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