Accessories You Need for Spring

Accessories can really add to your wardrobe in the Spring. Get style inspiration for adding the perfect accessories to your wardrobe. Click to read the full blog post. |

Accessories You Need This Spring |


Accessories can really add to your wardrobe in the Spring, when you’re wearing less clothing and showing more skin. Spring accessories adorn your body and add personality to your outfit. Another advantage to wearing trendy Spring accessories is affordability – the right accessories can give old outfits an entirely new look, which is usually much less expensive than buying a whole new outfit. Continue reading “Accessories You Need for Spring”

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 | www.chicstylez360.comThis mother’s day is going to be a special one for me…We’re a few weeks away from welcoming our baby boy! I would have never imagined this time last year, that I would be feeling overjoyed with all the blessings that God has bestowed on my family. I’m going to be a new mom and I couldn’t be more happy. Over the next few weeks I will not only be relishing in the moment of being a mom but also getting prepared to welcome our Prince. My husband and I can’t wait for his arrival.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50”

5 Style Tips to Wearing a Jumpsuit

5 Style Tips to Wearing a Jumpsuit

5 Tips to Wearing A Jumpsuit


I have always been a fan of jumpsuits and love how this one piece ensemble can make a complete outfit. As Spring brings on the warmer weather, a jumpsuit is the perfect go-to outfit when wanting a quick, easy outfit. Jumpsuits make it easy to create a chick look that doesn’t take much effort, and what girl doesn’t want that?   Continue reading “5 Style Tips to Wearing a Jumpsuit”